VOSLOT Daily Deposit 300% Bonus

Daily Deposit 300% Bonus

Applicable Platform:

Slot, Fishing and Board Games

Promotion time

From August 1 to September 4, 2022

Promotion Details:

VOSLOT Daily Deposit 300% Bonus
Daliy Deposit Bonus % 300%
Min. Deposit ​₱100
Max. Applied Bonus ​₱300
Wagering Requirement 25x
Gaming Platform Slot,Fishing,
Board Game
Max. Withdrawal Amount ​₱500

Example:Cash in ​₱100, Bonus 300%=​₱300

Total Wagering Requirement=(​₱100+​₱300)*25=​₱10,000

Application Process:

1. Please select “Apply” in the Promotion page after your Cash is successfully credited.

2. Go to your Account Promotions, and click "claim" for the bonus to be shown in your balance.

3. Daily Deposit 300% Bonus and other promotions cannot be applied at the same time, and it can only be applied once a day.

4. After making a deposit, members must apply for the promotion within one hour, without placing a bet, or they will be disqualified from receiving the bonus.

5. The bonus is equal to 300% of your first deposit. The minimum deposit is 100, and the maximum bonus is 300. The maximum amount that can be withdrawn is 500.

6. The bonus is subject to an twenty-five-times wagering requirement to be withdrawn in Slots, Fishing and Board Games ONLY.

7. After the withdrawal request is completed, the system will automatically deduct your remaining balance from your account. Maximum withdrawable balance can only be applied once.

Terms & Conditions:

1. Each individual can only apply ONCE.

2. To ensure the rights and interests of members and fair gaming, the promotion is only attributable once per user, phone number, bank card or account, IP address, residential address, and equipment. We reserve the right to withdraw the bonus if we believe that you have misused the site by opening multiple accounts to benefit from several identical offers.

3. All house rules and promotion rules apply. Members who click to apply the bonus are considered to accept all terms and conditions.

4. VOSLOT reserves the right to alter, annul or explain any and all of the terms of any offer at any time without notice.

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